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You can hire an accidental death or life insurance attorney. But, an ERISA attorney who handles these matters is the better choice

Looking for an accidental death or life insurance attorney seems like a logical choice when it comes to matters involving these issues. But, when an accidental death or life insurance claim are part of an employee benefit plan, it means your claim is most likely covered under the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA). That means an accidental death or life insurance attorney highly experienced in ERISA matters is always a better choice.

“ERISA claims are very different than claims for normal accidental death and life insurance,” explained Attorney Bartolic. “An accidental death and life insurance attorney without ERISA experience works on seeking a settlement with an insurance company. Because we see these as employee benefit claims we are exclusively focused on getting the benefit you are entitled to as quickly as possible because you rely on those benefits and their timely payments.”

Since many employees have both ERISA claims and non-ERISA claims, it is often beneficial for an ERISA attorney to handle both types of claims because it reduces costs.

Since 2009 Michael Bartolic has been operating his own practice as an ERISA attorney. Prior to that he was an ERISA lawyer for many years. As such, he is fully qualified to handle both ERISA and non-ERISA claims.

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