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Michael Bartolic: ERISA Litigation Attorney

Michael Bartolic represents executives, managers and other professionals in all aspects of ERISA § 502(a) litigation over a denials of claims for benefits and breaches of fiduciary duty. He handles claims for long-term disability insurance, long-term care insurance, life and accidental death insurance, severance benefits, and retirement plan benefits.  Disability cases he handled have altered the way administrators review claims for other participants, and he currently serves as lead counsel on a class action severance benefits dispute, representing an estimated 2,000 individuals.  He is devoted to helping employees obtain and protect the compensation and benefits they earned.

One of the Preeminent Law Firms in Chicago

Michael is a Partner in Roberts Bartolic LLP. Prior to 2009, Michael worked at a large multinational law firm based in Chicago focusing on ERISA litigation regarding benefits disputes and fiduciary responsibilities.  After years of representing large companies, Michael fulfilled his calling to help the individuals being exploited by insurers and employers in ERISA disputes.

Michael is actively involved in the American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law Employee Benefits Committee, where he co-chairs the subcommittee on benefit claims and serves as an editor of Employee Benefits Law, a joint publication by the ABA and BNA. Michael serves as Vice Chair of the subcommittee on litigation for the ABA Section of Taxation Employee Benefits Committee.  He also recently served as Chair of the Illinois State Bar Association Section Council on Employee Benefits, and Chair of the Chicago Bar Association Employee Benefits Committee. Michael has published several works in the ISBA’s Employee Benefits newsletter, the The John Marshall Law School’s publication, TaxEB InBrief, and he has prepared materials on ERISA benefit claims for the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education and several of the the American Bar Association committees. Michael frequently speaks for the American Bar Association on ERISA litigation issues. While Michael enjoys these academic pursuits that keep him abreast of the latest developments to help his clients, his true passion is working with individuals to secure their benefits.

Michael has been named a Super Lawyer in the field of Employee Benefits every year since 2014, and was a “Rising Star” in 2012 and 2013.

“I have two favorite parts of my job. The first is when I meet with a client and learn about the struggles and plan a course of action on how we can help. The second is when I get to call my client to notify the insurer agreed to pay the claim.”


Michelle Roberts Partner

Michelle Roberts: ERISA Litigation Attorney For over a decade, Michelle Roberts has been a successful advocate for disabled individuals and employees. Ms. Roberts handles claims for benefits under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), specifically claims for disability benefits.  Michelle has obtained short and long-term disability benefits from insurance companies that had wrongfully denied her clients’ claims.  Michelle has represented over one hundred individuals at every stage […]

Toby Bartolic ERISA Mascot

Toby Bartolic: ERISA Mascot Toby brings a unique blend of instincts to hunt down defendants, and protect the Firm’s clients.  He combines his resourcefulness and resilience of his Labrador Retriever heritage with the speed and determination of his Greyhound origin.  At an early age, he showed his protective instincts in “rescuing” family from the vacuum cleaner, which he honed to now protect ERISA claimants.  Toby brings a […]

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